Why "Tachyon?"


The fungibility of Tachyon is one of our highest priorities so that it can exist as a usable currency. Near-instant conversions to ETH, exchange listings, and a sleek light wallet for transfers are also ends towards this goal.


TYX aims to be the de-facto tipping and micro-transactional token on the Ethereum network. As such, it aims to be not only in as many wallets as possible, but being a currency, it must be on as many exchanges as possible to ensure liquidity.


Based off the Greek word ‘tachys’ meaning ‘swift,’ tachyons are hypothesized particles faster than the speed-of-light. Circulating supply will be 299,792,459 TYX which is one more than 299,792,458 m/s, the speed of light in a vacuum.

The Tachyon Economy

TYX’s function is best served as a token for tipping and micro-transactions.

No Inflation or Token Burn

Once code is activated, changes to circulating supply are rendered impossible.

All Coins Minted Upon Activation

We will be airdropping 60% of our token supply over a few successive airdrops. Each token will be divisible by 18 decimal places.

Fair Airdrop Token Parameter

The wide spread of our token distribution means that our airdrop will be fairly placed in as many hands as possible to maximize its use-case.

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